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Loosing A Button

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Did you see the Subway commercial showing a video montage of pants/shirts button popping off and shooting out like bullet, breaking chair, light bulb, car tire?  It is so hilarious, but it happened to me today. The button on my pants busted. Out of all the days, it chose the day that I did not wear a belt to do that. And, out of all the times, it happened at the time I was talking to my co-worker. Thankfully, the pants snuggly fit me (and thank you my wife! She bought it) so there wasn’t wardrobe malfunction incident or anything.  But it was kinda funny as we both stopped our conversation and looked at the button rolled away. I then slowly walked to where it stopped and retrieved it, and then we resumed our conversation.

So what does this has to do with ‘Counting blessings’ anyway? It doesn’t! But think about it, it sort of does. Hope it brings some giggle to brighter your day.

 Sorry, I couldn’t find a clip of that Subway adUPDATED: Found one.  Checked it out,  and click on Watch in HD for clearer version.

One Comment

  1. yes i agree that fear is a thief, it also takes away your boldness to do somtiheng for the Lord.I know that fear is big Hold back on alot of christians, so many times we want to do things for the Lord, but then we are not able to because of fear, you are scared with what people are going to say about you and the things that you do.So just let go and let God

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