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Set Apart


You are to be holy to me because I, the Lord, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own. – Leviticus 20:26

NailsI remember when growing up, dad used to have a handmade wooden toolbox stowed underneath the bed where he kept all his tools and hardware. Right next to it were couple tin paint buckets containing screws, nails, nuts and bolts of all kinds. It was his prized collection that he collected, salvaged and saved them over the years. Before each project, we would pick out the tools from the box, and dig through the buckets to pick out the nails, and screws needed for the project. There were perfect nails, but there where also worn-out, clipped off, rusted or bended nails in the bunch. I asked what good were the bended nails, and he would take them and straighten them out with hammer to put in the ‘good’ pile for his project. Despite their imperfect, they were picked out, and set apart for a purpose.

Instead just sitting in the toolbox, we are picked out and set apart for a purpose. We are tools and hardware in God’s hands for His works. We are not just mere tools but more than that, God set us apart to be His own, to be like Him, be holy. God desires the relationship with us. We are not perfect, very broken, yet God cares much for us. What do we do to deserve such attention, or to be adopted into a royal family? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We don’t deserve it at all. But it is the King who chooses us. What an awesome blessing and privilege that is! The devil for sure doesn’t want us to realize we are the apple of His eyes, or our special purpose in Christ, and he and will distract us from what we are to be or to do. Indulgence, idling, not serving are causing us to not enjoying or doing what God intends for us. Some time, name calling, shame, guilt are thrown at us to cause us forget who we are in Christ. But we ought to remember this important truth and claim it daily. It’s God’s word to reminder us that we are set apart to be His own. We are to be holy, like Him.


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