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In Daddy's Hand

Yes, I am saved more than 15 years ago, by God’s grace. But He just doesn’t stop there; with His everlasting love, He constantly saves me, spiritually and physically. His grace is still abundantly flowing as He cares for me.

Last Friday, I had a day off from work so I got around to do couple fix-ups around the house. I am not, emphasize not, a handyman type. However when things around the house break down, either I have to pay someone to do it or step up to the plate. I’m not financially blessed, so I choose the later. Well, the door bell has been broken for a quite a while now. I bought a new bell and new ringer to replace the old ones, but that did not fix the problem. Maybe the issue is in the transformer or the wiring. So I traced the wiring that lead to the transformer sit to the side of the furnace.

Before getting started, I switched off the power to the furnace from the main power box, or so I thought. I flipped the light switch and the light was not on, so I then proceeded disassembling the electric switch and the wiring to the transformer. Apparently I was being stupid for not testing the line appropriately with the right tool, but then again I am no electrician and I should not have done what I did. At that time, I am pretty sure my hands were touching the hot wire as I disassembled the connection. Until I was connecting the last wire of the new transformer to the power switch, I felt a tingling jolt on the tip of my finger. “Hmm, that’s weird” I thought. As I placed the wire around the screw to tight it down, suddenly BAM! sparks of electricity flared up causing a small flashing fire lightly burned the plastic switch.  To my reflex, I jumped up from where I was sitting, and a little bit freaked out at that moment. I thought for sure I had turn off the power to the furnace, so I went out to the main controller box to double check. There I saw the switch I turned off, it was below the one that I intended. The right switch now shut off, laid in the middle position due to the wiring mishap earlier.

I made sure it stayed off, and finished the wiring in hurry, but couldn’t help to think how didn’t I got shocked earlier when I dissembled the wiring. For whatever the reason was, if it wasn’t God who saved and protected me, I would be … done in, toasted, BBQ style. Yes, I am saved! Thank you Lord!

Praise God for He is the keeper and systainer of my life. In His hands, that’s where I want to be, to remained. Are you in good hand?

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